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Privacy Policy

Dear Customer,

Our privacy must be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions. The team takes your privacy and security very seriously and will ensure we take actions to the best of our abilities to ensure safety of your information. It is however vital that we receive your support equally towards ensuring the same and hence we have articulated the below compliance terms that is legally binding towards ensuring this common goal.

This policy sets out how the company collects, holds and uses personal information collected from individuals in the conduct of our business.
  1. Protecting Personal Information: All personal information collected from individuals as a result of our business operations will be protected in accordance with applicable legislation. We will take reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal information that we hold, regardless of the form in which that information is held. This will include taking reasonable steps to prevent the misuse or loss of this information, or unauthorised disclosure, access to, or modification of this information. Where the information is held in electronic form, access will be controlled by user logins and passwords, and restriction of access only to persons who need to have that access in the course of the company's business activities.
  2. Information that the company holds: In the normal course of business activities, we will collect personal information, your comments, posts, profiles and related social media information. Personal information may include an individual's name, address, date of birth, contact details, occupation, interests and partner preferences. Information that has been put in the public domain by the customer shall be utilised by MINGLETAINMENT in accordance to the terms provided. Deletion or modification of that content shall result in that information not being available for use. MINGLETAINMENT shall only share information such as customer name, email id and other such basic information for further advertising or analytical purposes to third party. The use and sharing of this information shall be restricted to the application and any misuse of the same shall be the direct responsibility of the Enterprise customer who received such information. Information provided can only be used towards social interaction, notification and rendering of services.
  3. Permissions
    1. Location Access :  We will use your phone Location services to provide the location specific contents such as Radio Stations, Places, Events and People. In NO case your location will be shared with any One or any Entity and Location Services can only be activated as per your permission.
    2. Contact Access : To Help people connect on Mingletainment you can have your contact periodically synced.
    3. Photo and Video : Let you share and post your photos and video from your  library throughout the Mingletainment.
    4. Camera : This let you take photos and record videos which can be used throughout application.
    5. Calendar : Let you add events and reminders in your calendar throughout Mingletainment.
  4. Personal Information
    1. Phone number and Email Address :  We will require your contact number and Email address to verify your Identity using One Time Password to provided Number and Email Address. You will not be able to register without your Contact number and email Address. Mingletainment will also use the same for Hangout and Event invitations.
    2. Birth Date :  We require your Birth date to verify your Age.
  5. Right of Access by the Individual: Any individual has the right to request access at any time to the personal information that the person has loaded on the application. Review of profile information of another user can only be done in a restricted manner to avoid abuse or fraud risks.
  6. Privacy Representative: Any questions, concerns or complaints about the Privacy Policy or practices related to privacy of personal information should be addressed to: http://support.mingletainment.com
  7. Personal Information Management Policy Statement: Sabrewing Infotech Zambia Limited complies with relevant data protection legislation. Sabrewing Infotech Zambia Limited has taken reasonable steps to ensure the security and appropriate use of personal information including, developing and implementing a Privacy Policy, training its staff in the management of personal information, developing and implementing appropriate computer system controls. 
Complaints about possible breaches of privacy should be marked as Confidential, and addressed to: helpdesk@minglezambia.com